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QUEST Services, Inc.

Job Title:  Residential Manager/Home Manager

Essential Responsibility of all QUEST Services, Inc. Employees:  

To work in partnership with others to support individuals in their preferred lifestyle, honor the individual’s right to assume risk in an informed manner, and recognize that each individual has the potential for life-long learning and growth. 

It is the responsibility of all Quest Services, Inc. employees to follow the individual’s Person Centered Support Plan to help the individual move toward a life of independence, opportunity, general well being, and contribution in their home, their job, and their community.

Quest Services, Inc. employees are representatives of this agency and the individuals.  Our actions influence the public perception and opinion of our services and our individuals.  Individuals we serve depend on our responsibility, our professionalism, and our compassion to achieve a high quality of life in their community.

It is the responsibility of all staff to provide the highest level of positive, professional supports to the individuals we serve each day.  The level of professionalism and dedication provided to the individuals we serve directly affects their satisfaction and success.

Responsible to:  Director of Residential Services/Residential Coordinator


Requirements:  Ability to pass a pre-employment physical, ability to pass an initial drug and alcohol screening and subsequent random screenings, ability to communicate effectively through written and verbal communication, ability to read at a high school level, ability to perform CPR/FA with agency training, ability to perform MANDT behavioral interventions with agency training.  Must be able to be proficient in the use of the agency computer system.   Must pass background checks. Must have the ability to perform all physical demands, see section below.   Must possess a valid Kansas driver’s license, and an acceptable driving record with the ability to be covered under the agency auto insurance.  Must have one year (2080 hours) of experience working with persons with developmental disabilities.

Preference given to persons with a college degree in a Human Service field, and to  persons with a Certified Medication Administration license.

Physical Demands:

Must be able to lift a minimum of fifty pounds.

Must be able to assist with transfers and positioning of persons up to 250 pounds.

Must be able to perform behavioral interventions such as holds/restraints.

Must be able to frequently walk, stand, push, pull, bend, lift, and reach above shoulders.

Primary Work Responsibility:

-Assume all responsibility for the overall day-to-day operations of the assigned residential site.  This includes, but is not limited to, all aspects of staff supervision, general well-being and protection from harm of the individuals, and the upkeep and sanitation of the home.

Standard Work Responsibilities:


-Ensure the rights of individuals, especially the right to not be subject to abuse, neglect, or exploitation of any kind.

-Follow all policies and procedures of Quest Services, Inc.

-Ensure the confidentiality of the individual and agency at all times.

Program Supports:

-Assume responsibility for the implementation of the individuals’ Person Centered Support Plan.

-Monitor client’s behavior and contribute in the development and implementation of the behavioral support plan as needed.

-Must be an advocate for the individual based on their personal choices.

-Demonstrate the ability to foster the skills necessary to increase the individual’s independence.

-Empower the individual to become the primary decision-maker in their own life.

-Assist the individual to utilize natural supports and community resources.

-Ensure incident reports and all other required documentation is completed, as applicable.

Health and Safety:

-Report medical issues to maintain the optimal general health of the individual, work in conjunction with the nurse to meet the medical needs of the individual.

-Must ensure emergency procedures, including basic First Aid, emergency protocols, tornado and fire drills/plans are followed by staff and the individuals.

-Take primary responsibility for the safety hazards in the home and vehicle.

-Maintain a safe, neat, and clean environment in all work settings.

-Report general maintenance needs timely, and follow through to ensure appearance and safety of home and vehicle are maintained.

-Follow universal precautions and prescribed safety and infection control procedures and ensure compliance by staff.


-Must be a creative, flexible, solution-oriented problem solver with a positive attitude.

-Must be able to analyze situations, develop creative solutions, act quickly, and maintain calm in a crisis.

-Must be able to handle stressful, hectic situations without loss of composure.

-Must be able to be a productive member of a team and treat others with dignity at all times.

-Must be able to develop a respectful relationship with individuals and also maintain professional boundaries.

-Must display diplomacy and assertiveness.

-Demonstrate an eagerness to learn and accept responsibility, display a “can do” approach/attitude toward work.

-Ability to show persistence and seek alternative solutions when obstacles arise.


-Maintain compliance with applicable regulations and be thorough and accurate in all documentation.

-Interact with community agencies to maintain a good working relationship between agencies.

-Must have a good working knowledge of federal, state, and local agencies; specifically SRS, Social Security, Adult Protective Services, and the CDDO.

-Will participate in assigned committees within the agency.

-Utilize the computer database as authorized.

-Attend agency-required training, including monthly employee in-services.

-Perform other duties as assigned by supervisory or administrative staff.

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