State abortion numbers continue recent dip

The number of abortions in Kansas dropped last year to the lowest amount in three decades.

The Kansas Department of Health and Environment says there were almost 6,800 abortions last year, down from the 6,810 in 2016. KDHE says there just over 3,400 in-state residents who had abortions, with around 3,380 out-of-state residents getting abortions in Kansas. 

The age group that had the most abortions was 20-24 at almost 31 percent. Sixty-eight percent of abortions were performed when the fetus was less than nine weeks.

The number of abortions was the lowest since 1986, when there were around 6,600 abortions. Abortions peaked in Kansas in 1999 with almost 12,500 procedures.

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