ESB Hometown Trivia - Spring 2014

Question 9: Who was the town Bushong named after.
Answer: First named Weeks then re-named in honor of Albert J Doc Bushong, who
was a catcher for 1886 World Series winning team the St Louis Browns.

Question 10: Who was the first settler Lyon County?
Answer: Charles Hall Withington, came to the Kansas Territory from Sac and Fox
Agency in Iowa, 1846. He was a gun smith for the Sac and Fox Indians, a Mail Agent,
kept a store for the Santa Fe and Indian trade. He built the first toll bridge in the Kansas
Territory. Withington was also appointed constable and was the first county
commissioner in 1855.

Question 11: The barn on Wiser Ranche is located near what north Lyon County
Answer: Allen

Question 12: In 1965 Allen and what other town built a lake north of Allen? What was
the name of the lake? Is it still there today?
Answer: Admire. The name of the lake is/was City Lake. The lake provided water for
both communities as well as good fishing and water recreation.
Is it still there today, go check it out and report back to the Lyon County Historical
Society, Education Director 620-340-6314.

Question 13: Who was the first elected mayor of Admire?
Answer: George W McDaniel, elected in 1916. Considering the Admire Town
Company was organized on August 6, 1866, it seems like it took awhile to elect a

Question 14: What was the first newspaper in Reading called?
Answer: Reading Advance was the first recorded newspaper in 1893.

Question 15: What is the name of the oldest town in Lyon County?
Answer: Neosho Rapids. In the summer of 1855, Jeff Pigman and Mr. Cobine laid out
the first Townsite near the Neoho river and named it Italia. Then re-named Florence,
later Neosho City, then finally Neosho Rapids.

Question 16: At one time there were many more communities in Lyon County
(approximately 85), name at least two that once were but are now no more:
Agnes City, Air, Alda, Alton, Attica, Badger Creek, Bitler, Blue Station, Breckinridge Center, Bunker Hill, Cahola, Central City, Chicago Mound, Columbia, Comisky, Cottonwood, Crawford, Cross, Decora, Dell, Dow Creek, Eads, Eagle City, Eagle Creek, Elco, Elm Creek, Elmandaro, Ewing, Florence, Forest Hill, Foster Springs, Fourmile, Fouse, Frederick, Fremont, Hard Bottom Ford, Harrisburgh, Hortonburg, Ho-Tun-Gah-To-Mo, Italia, Ivy, Kansas Center, Lang, Lena Valley, Line, Magda, Maxon, Maydale, Miami, Menda, Millerburg, Millsburg, Normal, Orleans, Patty's Mill, Phillips Ranche, Pittsburg, Plumb, Quincy, Rock Creek Station, Root, Ross, Russell, Sabbatarian Settlement, Shell Rock Falls, Shennandoah, Sheridan, Singleton Colony, Sonora, Springville, Stotler, Toledo, Trail, Verdigris, Waterloo, Watkins, Waushara, Wayman, Weeks, Wiggam, Withington, Wyckoff, Wyola, Zenett