2011 Trivia


Question 8: 

Emporia has never had a large number of bakery's or pie

shops. However, there was one pie shop on Commercial St that was very

popular with college students, in the 40's. What was the name of this Pie

Shop and where was it located? Share your favorite memory.


Wrightman's Pie Shop, located at 829 Commercial St.

Question 7:

During the Prohibition era a dozen or more of these local

businesses sold liquor. What type of business were they and how did

they get around the Prohibition Amendment?


Drug Stores. As a way of getting around the Prohibition

Amendment, under the pretense of keeping within the law, drug stores

sold liquor on prescription from physicians for alleged medicinal purposes.

These drug stores did a thriving business; without the liquor revenue, they

could not exist.

Although one drug store, Kraum, later Kraum & Son, did not sell

liquor or permit it on premises.  Kraum was established in 1892 and

was still in business in 1961.

Question 6: 

There was a time that it seemed as though there was one of

these on every corner in Emporia. What were they? And do you know

why they are greatly reduced in number?


Gasoline and Oil Service Stations as they are listed the Polk's

Emporia City Directory in 1946 (65 years ago) had 32 listings. In the

1961 Polk directory, under Gasoline Stations, there are 43 (50 years ago)

listings. With the "Service" dropped from the heading, but many of the

businesses listed still had service in their name. By 1995 (16 years ago)

under Gasoline Stations, there are only 12 listings, with the word

"Service" dropped from most of the business names.

Self-Service might be the blame for fewer Gasoline Stations. Or

increased number of pumps at one location.

Do you remember the last "Full Service Station"?

Question 5: 

Today there are only two lumber yards in Emporia, just

after WWII there were as many as five lumber yards. Some of these

were still in business in the 1960's*. Can you name at least one of these

lumber yards and its location?



*Burgner-Bowman-Matthews Lumber Co,

101 E 4th Ave

*Home Lumber & Supply Co,

402 Merchant St

*The Kansas Lumber Co,

617 Mechanic

*McKee-Fleming Lumber Co,

Corner 5th and Congress, 215 W 5th Av

(the only one with buildings still standing)

Smith Lumber Co

715 E 6th Ave

Question 4:

Local Creameries and Dairies were common in this area. 

Name one of the Creameries or Diaries and share a your favorite memory of that establishment.


Ely Dairy, 514 E Logan Ave

Emporia Creamery Co, later changed to Beatrice Foods Co,

212 Commercial.

Fall City Creamery 330 Commercial

Hoch Dairy, Rd 2

Meadow Brook Creamery, 22 Commercial

Twin Valley Dairy Products, 227 Commercial

Victory Cremery Co, Later Victory Foods Inc, 22-24 E 7th

Woodland Park Dairy, 1115 Woodland

Question 3:

Fifty years ago Emporia had two Dispensaries. What is a Dispensary and where were they located?


A Dispensary is a charitable facility where medicines are

furnished and medical advice is available . Newman Memorial County

Hospital, known as Newman Regional Health Center and St Mary's

Hospital, known as Flint Hills Community Health Center, in the new

part and The Hillcrest (high rise apartment building) in the old part.

Question 2:

Reminiscing back to the years between 1946 to 1964 what businesses were in the 400 Block of Commercial on the east side of the street, where the new Lyon County Court House now stands? Name at least one and share your favorite memory about that business.


402 Court House

410 Polk-A-Dot Café, Dabbs Bros Hotel (1946)

410 Siesta Hotel and Cafeteria(1964)

412 Emporia Camera & Book Shop (1946)

412 William Cook Acct., Farrow Real Est., Moon Abstract Co (1964)

412 1/2 Good Eats Café (1946)

412 1/2 ---- (1964)

414 Roberts Leather Goods (1946)

414 Roberts Leather Goods (1964)

416 Polly Ann Grill (1946)

416 Roberts Leather Goods (1964)

418 National Home & Auto Store (1946)

418 GAC Finance Corp (1964)

420 Bratton Home & Auto Supply (1946)

420 Bratton Home & Auto Supply (1964)

422 Lee's Barber Shop (1946)

422 Sportsman's Barber Shop (1964)

422 1/2 Ireland Shoe Repair (1946)

422 1/2 Ireland Shoe Repair (1964)

424 Farmers Supply (1946)

424 Murphy Finance Co (1964)

424 1/2 Vernon Milner Ins., Diltz Typewriter Service, Cowen Real Est., National

Foundation for Infantile Paralysis Inc. (1946)

424 1/2 Alcoholics Anonymous (1964)

426 - 428 Harry A Ropfogel Clothing (1946)

426 - 428 Harry A Ropfogel, Inc Clothing (1964)

426 1/2 - 428 1/2 Above Ropfogel's. In 1946 the second floor was occupied by

small businesses and apartments. Including the US Office of Price Admin (Rent

Control Office) and Wilson Alteration Shop. The third floor was an apartment.

By 1964 the second floor was mostly vacant with a only a few occupied

apartments. The third floor was vacant.

Question 1:

Gone are the days of neighborhood grocers and meat markets. At one time Emporia had more than 30 neighborhood groceries. Can you name at least three and share your favorite memory from at least one.


Bales Super Market & Café 325 Commercial

David W Barb 1924 W 6th Ave

Bell's Food Market 332 Commercial

Benders Food Market 16 W 6th Ave

W H Brooks and Sons 524 Commercial St

Burch's Market 517 W 6th Ave

Burt Grocery 12 Commercial St

Cannon's Market 505 S Commercial & 603 E 12th Ave

Chet's Food Market 15 E 6th Ave

Economy Superette 318 Commercial St

Emporia Co-Op 720 Commercial St

Food Town Super Markets 413 Commercial St

Albert T Grant 327 W 6th Ave

Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea Co. 520 Commercial St

Hanna and Keefer Market 628 Commercial St

Hoffmans Food Market 626 W 6th Ave

Houser Suburban Grocery 619 W 2nd Ave

Horton's Market 119 Commercial St

Kent Food Market 101 W 12th Ave

Mrs Sarah M. Miller 1028 Exchange St

Mossman's Food Market 623 E 6th Ave

Don L Moyes 1102 W 6th Ave

Normal Grocery 1123 Commercial St

Lino Ramirez 12 S Arundel St

Rayls Food Market 517 E 6th Ave

Reeble's 124 and 1005 Commercial St

Rose's Neighborhood Grocery 623 W 9th Ave

Harold Snider 310 W 10th Ave

Stair Grocery 612 W 4th Ave

Star Grocery 813 E 6th Ave

Stotts Grocery 416 E 10th Ave

Lester T Tate 1512 W 6th Ave

12 Avenue Grocery 302 E 12th Av

VanderVelde Bros 331 Commercial St

Wieland Grocery 704 E 6th Ave

Wisler and Hendrickson 201 Commercial St

Wynn Grocery 212 S Commercial St

Mrs. Lillian Young 713 W South Ave