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ESU Buzz with President Dr. Michael Shonrock.

By Chuck Samples/KVOE News
Posted Dec. 27, 2012

Expect to hear a lot more about a massive fundraising campaign underway now at Emporia State University.

The "Now and Forever" campaign is trying to raise $45 million in private funds. That would be three times the previous high for any fundraiser on campus. On the ESU Buzz, President Dr. Michael Shonrock said it's a comprehensive deal. The money will fund scholarships, fellowships and endowed professorships. It could also fund capital improvements and may even help with the athletic department.

A year ago, Shonrock came to Emporia after years at Texas Tech. When he came on board, he said ESU had to reverse an enrollment slide the past few years. So far, so good, with projected increases for incoming freshmen, transfers and graduate students.

Shonrock also took a look ahead to the 2013 legislative session with funding concerns developing across the board after lawmakers enacted hefty income tax cuts.


ESU Buzz with President Dr. Michael Shonrock, Registrar Elaine Henrie and Dean of the Graduate School Dr. Kathy Ermler.

By Chuck Samples/KVOE News
Posted Dec. 13, 2012

Close to 700 Emporia State students will receive their degrees at winter commencement Saturday.

This year marks the start of a new tradition: separating the ceremonies, with undergraduates receiving their diplomas starting at 10 a.m. Saturday at White Auditorium and graduate degrees to be conferred starting at 2 p.m. at Albert Taylor Hall. On the ESU Buzz with President Dr. Michael Shonrock, Registrar Elaine Henrie said the undergraduates are pumped for the activities. The graduate students are also looking forward to receiving their hoods as part of their commencement, according to Dean of the Graduate School Dr. Kathy Ermler.

Shonrock said the university administration listened after the fear of bad weather prompted a split commencement earlier this spring.

Almost 225 graduate students and nearly 350 undergrads will receive degrees. More information is available at


ESU Buzz with President Dr. Michael Shonrock and Registrar Elaine Henrie

By Chuck Samples/KVOE News
Posted Nov. 10, 2012

Emporia State University is expanding its commitment to shared governance on campus.

Already with a Faculty Senate, Classified Assembly and Associated Student Government, ESU is establishing an Unclassified Commission. On our ESU Buzz recently, registrar Elaine Henrie said the board will help represent what can best be described as the university's private-sector employees.

Unclassified employees are different from classified workers in that unclassified staff share similarities with the "at will" employment nature of private sector jobs while classified staffers are civil servants like state employees. President Dr. Michael Shonrock says it's unique to ESU.

A charter celebration has been scheduled for Nov. 27 in the KSTC Ballroom.


ESU Buzz with President Dr. Michael Shonrock and Physics Department Chair Dr. Jorge Ballester

By Chuck Samples/KVOE News
Posted Sept. 29, 2012

A special workshop is coming to Emporia State University on Oct. 27 to encourage Hispanic middle school students to think about math and science as part of their careers.

Translated into English as "Yes You Can Do Science and Mathematics," the workshop will feature demonstrations on physics, engineering, math, pharmaceuticals, veterinary sciences and fossils. ESU HALO students will also attend to provide mentorship for the younger students.

On the ESU Buzz with President Dr. Michael Shonrock recently, Physics Department Chair Dr. Jorge Ballester said math is vital for success in science. Ballester said he found early on he could do math, and he had some help at home.

Registrations are needed by Oct. 5. Cost is $10 for adults and students. Call 341-5281 for more information.


ESU Buzz with President Dr. Michael Shonrock and head football coach Garin Higgins

By Chuck Samples/KVOE News
Posted Sept. 13, 2012

A positive atmosphere on the Emporia State campus is only amplified by what's taking place with the university's athletic department.

President Dr. Michael Shonrock joined the ESU Buzz, saying having successful athletics can have more of an impact on a university than you may think.

One of the pregame activities getting a lot more attention these days is the Hornet Walk, where the football team goes from its pregame meal to the locker room. This year, there's a special emphasis on getting the community to line that route and wish the players well. Coach Garin Higgins is impressed.


ESU Buzz with President Dr. Michael Shonrock and “Right Now” writers Gabe Andrews and Benny Bowden.

By Chuck Samples/KVOE News
Posted Aug. 23, 2012

Enrollment and excitement punctuated the ESU Buzz on 14 KVOE.

On the enrollment side, there are no firm numbers yet, but President Dr. Michael Shonrock says things look good so far.

On the entertainment side, the writers and performers of the hype song "Right Now" joined the program. El Dorado students Gabe Andrews and Benny Bowden say they wanted to write something special, and Bowden was pleasantly surprised by the reaction the song has received.

Both Andrews and Bowden have discussed the possibilities of starting a recording company of some sort after their time at ESU is done.


ESU Buzz with President Dr. Michael Shonrock and Athletic Band Director Dr. Nathan Gay.

By Scott Hayes/KVOE News
Posted Aug. 9, 2012

Emporia State University is "buzzing" in preparation for a new semester, with students returning to campus and new students set to move into dorms Saturday.  ESU President Dr. Michael Shonrock appeared on the ESU Buzz and says they are excited about the enrollment numbers, especially the number of new students. 

Shonrock says the increased numbers at orientations, the request for additional housing, and the need to add blocks of general education seminars are all positives.

Also appearing on the ESU Buzz was ESU Athletic Band Director Dr. Nathan Gay, who says he's expecting to field one of the largest marching bands at ESU in recent memory.  

Gay says the additional numbers, up around 15 from last year, is a nice problem to have.

Band Camp began Wednesday for percussion and guard, with the full band arriving Friday.


ESU Buzz with President Dr. Michael Shonrock and student leaders Brooke Schmidt and Stewart Sneath.

By Chuck Samples/KVOE News
Posted July 26, 2012

Universities need more than strong enrollment numbers to thrive. They also need a vibrant student voice, and that was the focus of the ESU Buzz with President Michael Shonrock on Thursday.

New Associated Student Government President Brooke Schmidt and Vice President Stewart Sneath appeared with Shonrock. Schmidt says the main focus is building relationships across the campus. Sneath was drawn to a student leadership role after seeing Hornets in action helping others.

Shonrock says student leaders are involved in all facets of campus life, including planning the 150th anniversary celebration next year, as well as work on budgets, orientation and Homecoming.

Shonrock says student leaders serve as an on-campus focus group as they interact with different groups and get feedback almost constantly. As such, their input is invaluable for helping to create a rewarding experience for students now and down the road.


ESU Buzz with President Dr. Michael Shonrock and baseball head coach Bob Fornelli.

By Chuck Samples/KVOE News
Posted July 12, 2012

Athletics was the focus of Thursday’s ESU Buzz on 14 KVOE.

Baseball coach Bob Fornelli dicussed the signing of 22 players for next year's squad. Besides the players, who hope to get the Hornets back into the NCAA Tournament after the team missed out earlier this year, Fornelli is excited about starting the 2013 season at Minute Maid Park in Houston. Fornelli said Astros owner Jim Crain called Central Missouri coach Tom Myers about a season-opening tournament. Myers called Fornelli and Emporia State was on board.

There has been a push at the Division I level to start the season later, giving northern tier schools a more level playing field with southern schools on the scheduling front. Fornelli doesn't expect that to happen at the D-II level, and he's just fine with that.

University President Dr. Michael Shonrock says he's glad the baseball team has done as well as it has, both athletically and academically. He also says it's important to support athletics because of the experience it gives students, and efforts are underway to increase available scholarship money for the team.


ESU Buzz with President Dr. Michael Shonrock and Dr. Brent Thomas.

By Chuck Samples/KVOE News
Posted June 28, 2012

Emporia State biology students can start using a brand-new cadaver lab beginning Monday.

Biological Sciences chair Dr. Brent Thomas was a guest on the ESU Buzz and said he's excited by what this means for biology students. So is university president Dr. Michael Shonrock, who says residents need to know what kind of research is taking place.

Thomas says ESU students have had access to three-dimensional human models as well as animals, but having this program is special because not many universities have this option available.

The course will be team-taught by Drs. Lynnette Sievert, Dwight Moore and Melissa Bailey. Thomas says ESU will get cadavers from the KU Willed Bodies Program.


ESU Buzz with President Dr. Michael Shonrock and NTHF board president Lindy Whetzel.

By Chuck Samples/KVOE News
Posted June 14, 2012

Leaders of the National Teachers Hall of Fame are all smiles, and not just because the 21st induction class is in town.

On the ESU Buzz today, Hall of Fame board president Lindy Whetzel said a partnership developed last year with the National Education Association has paid dividends with fundraising and recognition.

ESU President Michael Shonrock says the inductions this week are certainly good for education, and they might have a positive impact for ESU down the road.

The Hall of Fame has been at Emporia State Visser Hall the past five years since moving over from its longtime home  in the 1300 block of C of E Drive.


ESU Buzz with President Michael Shonrock and physical sciences chair emeritus DeWayne Backhus

By Chuck Samples/KVOE News
Posted May 24, 2012

Emporia State University is welcoming the public to campus to witness a rare event next month.

The transit of Venus is taking place June 5, where Venus passes directly between the earth and the sun. On KVOE’s ESU Buzz on Thursday, physical sciences chair emeritus Dr. DeWayne Backhus said there won't be another such event in our lifetimes. The next transit will be in 2117.

Put another way, there have been seven transits since the telescope was invented in 1609.

Residents are encouraged to go to Cram Science Hall's southwest entrance from 5 to 8:15 p.m. Viewing stations will be set up on the ground and in the rooftop viewing area. Outdoor viewing will depend on sky conditions, but there will be two PowerPoint presentations regardless of whether it's cloudy.


ESU Buzz with President Michael Shonrock, Classified Assembly chair Karla Rodgers and chair-elect Kim Massoth

By Chuck Samples/KVOE News
Posted May 10, 2012

The behind-the-scenes work of Emporia State's classified workers took center stage during our ESU Buzz.

Classified Assembly chair Karla Rodgers and chair-elect Kim Massoth joined President Dr. Michael Shonrock on the program. The assembly is obviously concerned about the status of pay raises, something state employees haven't enjoyed recently, along with benefits. Shonrock says he will keep working with lawmakers, and he says there is hope for the near future.

Morale is up among classified workers, and Massoth says Shonrock's willingness to support the employees is a big reason why.

The classified department held its annual scholarship auction and lunch for dependents and children of classified workers. The auction raised $5,000. Totals aren't available for the lunch, but attendance was up around 50 from last year. Last year's event helped to fund five $400 scholarships.


04-26-12 - ESU Buzz with President Michael Shonrock, Dr. Joseph Wen and professor John Rich

By Chuck Samples/KVOE News
Posted April 26, 2012

More than two weeks after the prestigious Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business renewed its accreditation of the Emporia State School of Business, school professors and administrators are still basking in the glow of that announcement.

Less than five percent of all business schools worldwide get this honor, and associate professor of accounting and information systems John Rich -- a guest on KVOE’s ESU Buzz on Thursday -- says it gives the business school here instant credibility with students, professors and business owners.

The ESU School of Business offers programs in accounting, business administration, business education, information systems, marketing and management at the bachelor's level. Graduate level courses include the master's of business administration and master of science in business education.

School Dean Joseph Wen says faculty qualifications are a big piece of the accreditation puzzle, but ESU also has to set learning goals and benchmarks for tracking purposes.

ESU Buzz with President Michael Shonrock – 04/12/12

03/22/12 – ESU Buzz with President Michael Shonrock

03/08/12 - ESU BUZZ with President Michael Shonrock

Both LaToya and Ryan are graduates of high schools in the Kansas City, Mo., school district. On Jan. 31, both were invited to take part in a community debate of three options to solve the problems of theKansas City, Mo., school district.

Here are some links to stories about LaToya and Ryan:" style="color:purple">" style="color:purple">" style="color:purple">

02/23/12 - ESU BUZZ with President Michael Shonrock

02/09/12 - ESU BUZZ with President Michael Shonrock


Current ESU students have enjoyed the renovations inside the Memorial Union and believe the work will help recruit students to campus in future years. File photo by Chuck Samples/KVOE News.

Click here for audio - ESU Buzz with President Michael Shonrock – 1/26/12

By Chuck Samples/KVOE News
Posted Jan. 26, 2012

Student recruitment and student perspectives were the main focus of our ESU Buzz with President Michael Shonrock on Thursday.

Shonrock brought student body president Ashley Vogts and vice president Jennifer Cheray to the airwaves.

Several building blocks are in place now as the university tries to increase enrollment. ESU has been highlighted several times in recent articles by U.S. News and World Report. Late last year, it also unveiled a major scholarship initiative to help new and transfer students defray most of their tuition costs if they meet certain academic requirements. Earlier this month, the Board of Regents increased the credit transferability for students, making it easier and more seamless for transfer students to choose ESU.

Shonrock is working with student leaders, who have developed a recruitment task force at his request -- something not tried before at ESU.

While that work continues, Vogts says recruitment stands to benefit from the ongoing renovations at the Memorial Union. She says the ongoing renovations at the Memorial Union have already paid dividends for current students, who are spending much more time in the building to eat, study and socialize.

Both Vogts and Cheray say they are impressed with how Shonrock has engaged the students since coming on board early this month. Besides organizing as many as five meetings over the past three weeks, he is also visible on campus as well.

You can hear the ESU Buzz every other Tuesday on 14 KVOE and Click here for the ESU Buzz page featuring past stories and audio.


Click Here for Audio - ESU Buzz – President Shonrock

By Chuck Samples/KVOE News
Posted Jan. 5, 2012

The sky's the limit for Emporia State University.

So says the new president, Dr. Michael Shonrock, who debuted the twice-monthly program ESU Buzz on KVOE’s Morning Show with Ron Thomas on Thursday. Shonrock says ESU has great people and great potential for growth in several areas, and he's excited for what the future may hold.

Shonrock says the Emporia community has been very welcoming to him and his wife, Karen, and he hopes to return the favor. As a professor and administrator at Texas Tech, Shonrock was very active in community activities. He plans to continue that approach here.

Shonrock is already working on his priorities, which include fundraising, enrollment management and strategic planning. He has been meeting with campus personnel constantly since even before he officially started Tuesday. He has also been meeting with civic leaders and with local lawmakers before the legislative session begins next week.

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