By Chuck Samples/KVOE News
Posted July 11, 2013

KVOE's ESU Buzz with President Michael Shonrock focused on two recent hires Thursday.

Business dean Dr. Kristie Ogilvie was hired in May after serving as an associate dean of academics at Cal State-San Bernardino. Ogilvie, who has an aunt in Emporia and several other Kansas relatives, says it feels like home here.

“Even though I was born and raised in California, it truly feels like home here and my family feels very blessed,” she said.

Dr. David Cordle, meanwhile, is now on board at provost after being at North Carolina-Wilmington. He says he gets quizzed regularly on just what a provost does.

“The provost is the chief academic officer,” he said. “My responsibility is to see to it our academic programs function well, we’re educating our students well and we’re advancing our university.”

Shonrock appreciates the "big-picture" approach both Cordle and Ogilvie bring to the table.

“Their experiences are just incredible at different types of institutions. They both come from larger institutions as I had. As a result, you see a bigger picture and you see anything’s possible,” he said.

Ogilvie replaces Dr. Joseph Wen, who resigned last year to move to California. Cordle replaces Dr. Tes Mehring, who retired from that position. Find the full interview online at KVOE.com.