Aug. 7: 4-H Rabbit Show

Kate Rees Grand Champion Rabbit. Photo by Jarrett Stastny.

Lyon County 4-H Results
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The rabbits were round up Monday morning for the 4-H Rabbit Show.
Gracie Scheve, age 11, of Happy Harvesters. Photo by Erin Lewis
Gracie Scheve, of Happy Harvesters, said this is her first year showing rabbits and she's learned a lot.

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Gracie says she's faced some challenges being a first year.



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Gracie received Best of Breed in Polish.
Julianna Laws, 18, Busy Beavers. Photo by Erin Lewis
Julianna Laws, 18, of Busy Beavers has been competing in the Rabbit Show for 12 years. She has some strategies she's learned over the years.

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Julianna received Best of Breed in Netherland Dwarf and Holland Lop.
Karlee Wigton, 17, Busy Beavers. Photo by Erin Lewis
Karlee Wigton won Showmanship Champion. Karlee also received several best of breeds, which included: Mini Satin, English Spot, Argente Brun, Havana, and Champagne D'Argent. 
Grand Champion Rabbit: Karlee Wigton
Reserve Grand Champion Rabbit: Danielle McElfresh
Meat Pen Champion: Kohl Prose
Reserve Meat Pen Champion: Kohl Prose
Level 1 Showmanship Champion: Alycia Granado
Reserve Showmanship: Dilynn Reeves
Level 2 Showmanship Champion: McKinley Senft
Reserve Showmanship: Landon Reeves
Level 3 Showmanship Champion: Danielle McElfresh
Reserve Showmanship: N/A
Level 4 Showmanship Champion: Karlee Wigton
Reserve Showmanship: Katie Laws
Best of Breeds
Mini Satin Champion: Karlee Wigton
Lion Head Champion: Dilynn Reeves
Jersey Wooley Champion: Landon Reeves
English Spot Champion: Karlee Wigton
Mini Rex Champion: Kerstyn Fox
New Zealand Champion: Shelby McElfresh
Netherland Dwarf Champion: Julianna Laws
Dutch Champion: Danielle McElfresh
Argente Brun Champion: Karlee Wigton
Polish Champion: Gracie Scheve
Satin Champion: McKinley Senft
Holland Lop Champion: Julianna Laws
Havana Champion: Karlee Wigton
Dwarf Hotot: Kaleb Catterson
Champagne D'Argent: Karlee Wigton

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