Aug. 5: 4-H Sheep Show

Lyon County 4-H Results
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People gathered around the Show Arena for the Sheep Show on Saturday evening, August 5th.
market sheep
Sheep Competitors. Photo by Erin Lewis
Reserve Champs. Photo by Erin Lewis
Wyatt Miser, age 9, of Model Boosters 4-H Club, competed in the Sheep Show. Wyatt's great grandparents own sheep, which is how he got interested in them.
Wyatt Miser, age 9. Photo by Erin Lewis
He tells us something he learned from last year that helped him this year.

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Braxton Young, age 11, of Cloverleaf 4-H Club has competed in the Sheep Show for 3 years.
Braxton Young, age 11. Photo by Erin Lewis
He says there are several things to prepare for the show.



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Here are the results for the Sheep Show
Level 1 Showmanship Champion: Hope Miller
Reserve Champion: Kelsey McCoy
Level 2 Showmanship Champion: Morgan McCoy 
Reserve Champion: Emily Miser
Level 3 Showmanship Champion: Hunter McCoy
Reserve Champion: Faith Miller
Level 4 Showmanship Champion: Shelby Smith
Reserve Champion: Joel Miller
Champion Dorset Ewe: Shelby Smith
Hampshire Ewe Champion: Camille Stuffes
Reserve Champion: Faith Miller
Commerical Ewe Champion: Faith Miller
Reserve Champion: Hope Miller
Supreme Ewe Champion: Faith Miller
Reserve Champion: Shelby Smith
Champion Market Lamb: Shelby Smith
Reserve Champion: Faith Miller
1st Place Born and Bred: Faith Miller
2nd Place Born and Bred: Braxton Young
3rd Place Born and Bred: Tee Preisner
Champion Lightweight Market: Faith Miller
Reserve Champion: Tee Preisner
Champion Middleweight Market: Shelby Smith
Reserve Champion: Joel Miller
Champion Heavyweight Market: Hope Miller
Reserve Champion: Braxton Young

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