4H Premium Sale Results

The Lyon County 4H Premium Sale show community support.
the Lyon County 4H tournament has started coming to a close. The Premium Sale, where 4H participants auction off their livestock, draws a large crowed looking to support the activity and buying quality livestock. Charles Steffes, a former 4H participant and now 4H parent, talked to KVOE about the support that Lyon County 4H appreciates.
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Jack Creager, who was the Reserve Grand Champion in the Hog Show early this week, was able to match the price of the Grand Champion at $1400, he had this to say about it.
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The Premium Sale was marked with many generous donations by local business buying 4H participants livestock and then giving them up for food production. The profits go to the participants whom buy the livestock. 
Here are your results
Grand champion goat
Allison Smith
$550.  Dr. Anlinker
Reserve grand champion goat
Shelby Smith
$425.  CJ feed and supply
Grand champion lamb
Allison smith
$550.   Lyon county farm bureau  board
Res champion lamb
Faith Miller
$500.  East Kansas agri energy
Grand champion rabbits
Kohl prose
$425 Agri choice
Reserve Grand Champion rabbits
Tanner fessler
$425 f and f feed
Grand champion poultry
Joseph Robinson
$650.  Haurff equipment
Reserve Grand Champion poultry
Bethany DeDonder
$325. East Emporia Veterinarians 
Grand champion swine
Aubrey Finnerty
$1400. Dr Anlinker
Res champ swine
Jack creager
$1400. Producers Coop
Grand champion steer
Kaitlin houck
$9100. Friends of 4-H
Res Champ steer
Braxton Malone 
$1950 Emporia Veterans Clinic