Aug. 9: 4-H Rodeo

    Wednesday night's 4-H Rodeo didn't let a little rain slow it down. 
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Lyon County's 4-H'ers performed during the annual 4-H Rodeo, Wednesday night at the Lyon County Fair.  Photo by Alex Turley.
After nearly two weeks of showing their various 4-H projects, the 4-H'ers got the chance to relax and have a little fun competing in a variety of rodeo competitions.
   Haley Hammond, of Emporia, was working with her new roping horse.
Jessica Klumpe, of Olpe, has a lifelong love of riding and rodeo.
Kade Pearson, of Emporia, says he can still get a little nervous before a competition....and he wouldn't say he has a particular specialty.
Chute Doggin:  14-19 years -- Joel Miller.
7-9 years -- Bileigh Youngblood
Steer Riding:  10-13 years -- Daxton Youngblood
14-19 years -- Tee Preisner
Team Roping:  Heading -- Dexton Hoelting
Heeling -- Camden Hoelting
Barrel Racing:  7-9 years -- Hope Miller
10-13 years -- Dexton Hoelting
14-19 years -- Haylee Hammond
Intermediate Breakaway Roping, 10-13 years:  Mason Gibson
Senior Breakaway Ropin, 14-19 years:  Joel Miller
Goat Tail Tying:  7-9 years -- Lanie Wilson
10-13 years -- Macy Munoz
14-19 years -- Faith Miller
Ribbon Roping:  Open -- Camden Hoelting
Pole Bending:  7-9 years -- Hope Miller
10-13 years -- Blake Redeker
14-19 years -- Faith Miller
All-Around Senior Cowboy, 14-19 years: Joel Miller
All-Around Senior Cowgirl, 14-19 years: Faith Miller
All-Around Intermediate Cowboy, 10-13 years:  Dexton Hoelting
All-Around Intermediate Cowgirl, 10-13 years: Macy Munoz
All-Around Junior Cowboy,  7-9 years:  Alex Mautz
All-Around Junior Cowgirl, 7-9 years:  Laynie Wilson