Hand Pet and Cat shows: July 29, 2018 Featured

Hand Pet and Cat shows: July 29, 2018 Alex Turley/KVOE News

4-H events continued Sunday with the Hand Pet and Cat Shows.

17-year-old Karlee Wigton of the Busy Beavers Club was named Grand Champion of the Hand Pet show with her 8-month-old Colombian red-tail boa named Bella. Wigton says this was Bella's first trip out of the house, but she did great.

*Champion Pet: Karlee Wigton, Busy Beavers
*Reserve Champion Pet: Morgan McCoy, Model Boosters

Fellow Busy Beavers Club member Katie Laws had the top cat honors, bringing both her 6-year-old adult Oscar and 6-month-old kitten Stash. Laws says they are happy they raised two good cats.

*Champion Cat: Katie Laws, Busy Beavers
*Reserve Champion Cat: Mackenzie Kelley, Busy Beavers
*Champion Decorated Cage: Mackenzie Kelley, Busy Beavers

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