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Conference judging: July 28, 2018 Alex Turley/KVOE News

4-H Conference Judging took place July 28 with a variety of 4H projects inside the Anderson Building, such as photography; home environment; entomology; rocketry; forestry; fiber arts; electrics; reading; leadership; geology; and "other projects."

Entered in the electrics competition Janus Kern, built a unique lamp as part of an industrial art.


Kern says it was an easy project to put together.


Competing in her seventh year of 4-H and third year of home environment, Kate Rees built a rustic water fountain. Rees discussed the design and thought behind it.


Conference Judging

Girls 7-9 Class Champion: Rosetta Catterson
Reserve Champion: Dilynn Reeves

Girls 10-13 Class Champion: Bethany DeDonder
Reserve Champion: Josie Orear

Girls 14-19 Class Champion: Taylor Thomas
Reserve Champion: Emma Miller

Boys 7-9 Class Champion: Brayden Hopkins
Reserve Champion: Brayden Sweet

Boys 10-13 Class Champion: Isaac Miller
Reserve Champion: Leo DeDonder

Boys 14-19 Class Champion: Jack Creager

Champion Rocketry: Breanna Gasche, Sunflower
Reserve Champion: Clara Traffanstedt, Chamness

Champion Electric: Jonas Kern, Chamness
Reserve Champion: Russel Kern, Chamness

Champion Home Environment: Karlee Wigton, Busy Beavers
Reserve Champion Home Environment: Keilee Finnerty, Busy Beavers

Visual Arts

Level I (7-8 years) Champion: Kit Dunn, Chamness
Reserve Champion: Cooper Spade, Cloverleaf

Level II (9-11) Champion: Rees Spade, Cloverleaf
Reserve Champion: Moran McCoy, Model Boosters

Level III (12-14 years) Champion: Kinzie Kurzen, Model Boosters
Reserve Champion: Kate Rees, Chamness

Level IV (15-19 years) Champion: Karalyn Karjala, Rinker
Reserve Champion: Bailey Kurzen, Model Boosters

Junior (13-under) Sketching, Drawing, Painting Champion: Bethany DeDonder, Riverside
Reserve Champion: Reed Richardson, Cloverleaf

Senior (14-over) Sketching, Drawing, Painting Champion: Hannah Herron, Sunflower
Reserve Champion: Taylor Hahn, Riverside

Ceramics Champion: Hannah Herron, Sunflower

Junior (7-9 years) Leather Champion: Cooper Spade, Cloverleaf
Reserve Champion: Mason Jenkins, Riverside

Intermediate (10-13 years) Leather Champion: Aubrey Sheeley, Cloverleaf
Reserve Champion: Oliver Sheeley, Cloverleaf

Intermediate (10-13) Scrapbook Champion: Clara Williams, Chamness
Reserve Champion: Leo DeDonder, Riverside

Scrapbook Champion: Clara Williams, Chamness
Reserve Champion: Leo DeDonder, Riverside


Champion: Busy Beavers
Reserve Champion: Model Boosters


Champion: Kelton Bish
Reserve Champion: Jonas Kern


Champion: Cheyenne Ewing, Model Boosters
Reserve Champion: McKinley Senft, Reading

Foods and Nutrition

Level I (7-8 years) Champion: Ava Matile, Sunflower
Reserve Champion: Emily Storrer, Logan Avenue

Level II (9-11 years) Champion: Cordon Olson, Model Boosters
Reserve Champion: Keilee Finerty, Busy Beavers
Educational Exhibit: Rosetta Catterson, Logan Avenue

Level III (12-14 years) Champion: Hannah Jones, Reading
Reserve Champion: Camille Steffes, Happy Harvesters

Level IV (15-19 years) Champion: Riley Botkin, Logan Avenue
Reserve Champion: Katelyn Laws, Busy Beavers

Yeast Bread Champion: Lindsay Storrer, Logan Avenue
Reserve Champion: Riley Botkin, Logan Avenue

Food Gift Package Champion: Lacey Rust, Busy Beavers
Reserve Champion: Emmalie Bess, Busy Beavers

Food Preservation Champion: Emmalie Bess, Busy Beavers
Reserve Champion: Emmalie Bess, Busy Beavers


Champion: Connor Hauff, Logan Avenue
Reserve Champion: Eli Hauff, Logan Avenue

Home Environment

Champion: Kate Rees, Chamness
Reserve Champion: Taylor Kelley

Crop Production

Champion: Simon Hanson, Model Boosters
Reserve Champion: Blake Redeker, Happy Harvesters


Champion: Hope McCallister, Riverside
Reserve Champion: Spencer Fox, Logan Avenue


Champion: Mason Gibson, Riverside
Reserve Champion: Breanna Gasche, Sunflower


Champion: John Pringle, Riverside
Reserve Champion: Simon Hanson, Model Boosters


Level I Champion: Daylen Ballinger
Reserve Champion: Cameron Orton

Level II Champion: Aiden Ewing
Reserve Champion: Jaiden Kurzen

Level III Champion: McKinley Senft


Level II Champion: Brayden Sweet, Riverside
Reserve Champion: Kerstyn Fox, Logan Avenue

Level III Champion: Audrey Sheeley, Cloverleaf

Merchant Award: Addison Wigton, Busy Beavers

Other 4-H Projects

Champion: Simon Hanson, Model Boosters
Reserve Champion: John Pringle, Riverside

Champion Leadership Notebook: Garland Hanlin, Cloverleaf
Reserve Champion: Kaleb Catterson, Logan Avenue

Champion Leadership Poster: Kaleb Catterson, Logan Avenue
Reserve Champion: Kinzie Kurzen, Model Boosters

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