Bucket calf: Aug 6, 2018 Photo by Tagan Trahoon/ KVOE News

The bucket calves were center stage for the Monday evening 4H activities.

Jenna Smith with Happy Harvesters was Grand Champion in the 11-12-year-old category. After six years of competition Smith says she decided to go with a different type of calf this year.

10-year-old Kelton Bish of Model Boosters was the 9-10-year-old class Grand Champion. Bish impressed the judges with his answers to their questions and when asked how he remembers all the facts he simply says.

Alisa Skalsky with Busy Beavers claimed the 7-8-year-old Grand Champion title. She says it's a lot of work to take care of her calf.

Full results from the bucket calf show:

11-12 Years Old
Grand Champion: Jenna Smith - Happy Harvesters
Reserve Champion: Taylor Pringle - Riverside

9-10 Years Old
Grand Champion: Kelton Bish Model Booster
Reserve Champion: Hope Miller - Sunflower

7-8 Years Old
Grand Champion: Alisa Skalsky - Busy Beavers
Reserve Champion: Maya Arndt - Model Boosters


Jenna Smith 


Kelton Bish 

Alisa Skalsky 

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