Rodeo: Aug. 8, 2018 Featured

Emily Miser participates in goat tying during the 4H Rodeo on Wednesday. Emily Miser participates in goat tying during the 4H Rodeo on Wednesday. Chuck Samples/KVOE News

Participants in the Lyon County Fair's 4H rodeo took center stage Wednesday night.

Emily Miser says was participating in barrels, poles and goats in the intermediate category. She says rodeo has been a big deal for her for as long as she can remember.

Miser says there is a lot of hard work involved in training, but the payoff can be very sweet indeed.

What's the easiest event for her?

Mason Jenkins, meanwhile, was competing in goats, barrels and poles in the juniors category. He's been involved in rodeo for two years and says rodeo has helped him with duties on the family ranch -- and vice versa.

Jenkins says rodeo has become fun for several reasons.

Miser says she has come to love rodeo.


Camille Steffes was participating in several events at the senior level -- including barrels, poles, goats, breakaway roping and ribbon roping. She says a neighbor got her hooked.

Maci Munoz, also a senior, was competing in goats, breakaway, barrels, poles and ribbon roping.

Steffes admits rodeo is hard, but she says there is a certain rush about the sport that's hard to ignore.

Munoz, meanwhile, says rodeo has given her some experiences she may not have had with other sports.

Laynie Wilson, meanwhile, got introduced to the sport by her mother.

Not surprisingly, Wilson was riding in barrels, poles and goats Wednesday night. Poles is her favorite event now.

Wilson is already helping to haul horses and rodeo equipment to area events. She says that's fun just by itself because she gets to stay in her trailer and participate in rodeo activities while on the road.

Steer riding: Juniors
1. Drew Ritchie, 3.28 seconds
2. Kit Dunn, 2.22

1. Logan Thomas, 5.34 seconds
2: Drew Fields, 2.18
3. Aiden Ewing, 2.00
4. Morgan Ewing, 1.62

1. Michael DeWeese, 70
2. Tee Preisner, 69
3. Cheyenne Ewing, no score

Breakaway: Intermediates
1. Blake Redeker, 9.42 seconds
All other contestants: no score

Joel Miller, 5.68 seconds
All other contestants: no score

Goats: Juniors
1. Hope Miller, 10.74 seconds
2. Laynie Wilson, 11.45
3. Myah Arndt, 11.65
4. Drew Ritchie, 13.22

1. Emma Arndt, 11.37 seconds
2. Blake Redeker, 19.51
3. Darren Heins, 23.48
4. Lilly Parks, 29.05

1. Emma Miller, 11.79 seconds
2. Marley Heins, 16.57
3. Lauryn Broyles, 20.31

Barrels: Juniors
1. Hope Miller, 20.26 seconds
2. Myah Arndt, 20.43
3. Laynie Wilson, 20.93
4. Drew Ritchie, 23.07

1. Emma Arndt, 20.62 seconds
2. Emily Miser, 20.80
3. Sadie Bathurst, 21.77
4. Blake Redeker, 22.89

a. Faith Miller, 19.83 seconds
2. Macy Munoz, 20.53
3. Camille Steffes, 21.75
4. Emma Miller, 22.12

Pole Bending: Juniors
1. Hope Miller, 24.42 seconds
2. Drew Ritchie, 27.25
3. Myah Arndt, 30.97
4. Laynie Wilson, 33.14

1. Emma Arndt, 24.69 seconds
2. Sadie Bathurst, 27.51
3. Darren Heins, 28.29
4. Makenna Broyles, 30.23

1. Faith Miller, 22.95
2. Macy Munoz, 24.69
3. Camille Steffes, 27.27
4. Emma Miller, 27.37

Chute Doggin: Intermediates
All contestants: no time

1. Michael DeWeese, 6.92 seconds
2. Joel Miller, 7.14 seconds
3. Tee Preisner, 29.30

Ribbon Roping: Intermediates
1. Joel Miller, 8.07 seconds
All other contestants: no time

1. Emma Miller, 28.03 seconds
All other contestants: no time

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