4-H Rabbit Show: August 9, 2019 Featured

4-H Rabbit Show: August 9, 2019 Tagan Trahoon/KVOE News

The 2019 Lyon County State Fair Rabbit Show was one of the events on the schedule for Friday morning.

Alycia Granado was the Rabbit Grand Champion and says there are a few reasons she enjoys showing the cuddly creatures.

Granado says while they may be cute they do take a lot of work, however, she says showing her rabbits is her favorite part of the Lyon County Fair, and her success Friday shows it.


Level IV (14-19 years) Showmanship Champion: Karlee Wigton, Busy Beavers
Reserve Champion: Danielle McElfresh, Sunflower

Level II (7-10 years) Showmanship Champion: Joanna Miller
Reserve Champion: Alycia Granado, Busy Beavers

Grand Champion Rabbit: Alycia Granado, Busy Beavers
Reserve Champion: Karlee Wigton, Busy Beavers

Champion Meat Pen: Makena Fessler, Busy Beavers
Reserve Champion: Tanner Fessler, Busy Beavers


Californian Champion: Makena Fessler, Busy Beavers

Satin Champion: Hunter Senft, Reading

Polish Champion: Dakota Aye, Busy Beavers

Havana Champion: Karlee Wigton, Busy Beavers

Ducth Champion: Danielle McElfresh, Sunflower

Florida White Champion: Karlee Wigton, Busy Beavers

Holland Lop: Katie Laws, Busy Beavers

Jersey Wooly: Jade Wilson, Busy Beavers

Mini Rex: Spencer Fox, Reading

Mini Satin: Karlee Wigton, Busy Beavers

English Spot: Karlee Wigton, Busy Beavers

New Zealand: Alycia Granado, Busy Beavers

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