Audio - Friday - 10/11/13

{wbty_audio audio_id="252" audio_title="Feel Good Friday - Timmerman Top Dogs"}

{wbty_audio audio_id="251" audio_title="Animal Shelter manager Peggy Derrick and Emporia Police Lt. Jim Tilton discuss the plan for resuming normal operations at the shelter next week."}

{wbty_audio audio_id="250" audio_title="Newman Regional Health Foundation Director Jodi Heerman and Connie Geiger promote the foundations 5k run/walk on October 20th."}

{wbty_audio audio_id="249" audio_title="Haley Smith promotes the annual Alpha Sigma Alpha chili feed on Oct. 13."}

{wbty_audio audio_id="248" audio_title="NRH Director of Obstretics and Surgery Heather Arndt discusses a collaboration with Wade's Ride to bring HALO sleep sacs to infants born at the hospital."}

{wbty_audio audio_id="247" audio_title="ESU Assistant AD for Media Relations Don Weast previews homecoming athletic activities on Saturday."}

{wbty_audio audio_id="246" audio_title="What's In Outdoors w/ Phil Taunton - 10/11/13"}

{wbty_audio audio_id="275" audio_title="Emporia High Football-10/11/13-2nd Half"}

{wbty_audio audio_id="271" audio_title="Emporia High Football-10/11/13-1st Half"}

{wbty_audio audio_id="280" audio_title="AGOW-Madison at Lebo-Post-Owen Reed-10/11/13"}

{wbty_audio audio_id="279" audio_title="AGOW-Madison at Lebo-2nd Half-10/11/13"}

{wbty_audio audio_id="278" audio_title="AGOW-Madison at Lebo-Half-Garrett Holmes-10/11/13"}

{wbty_audio audio_id="277" audio_title="AGOW-Madison at Lebo-Half-Marcus Ramirez-10/11/13"}

{wbty_audio audio_id="276" audio_title="AGOW-Madison at Lebo-1st Half-10/11/13"}