Audio - Wednesday - 11/13/13

{wbty_audio audio_id="854" audio_title="Board of Regents Chair Fred Logan and President Andy Tompkins are guests."}

{wbty_audio audio_id="853" audio_title="National Teachers Hall of Fame Director Carol Strickland updates the silent auction in advance of the annual KVOE radio auction Nov. 21."}

{wbty_audio audio_id="852" audio_title="Nina West previews America Recycles Day activities at the Emporia Recycling Center on Nov. 16."}

{wbty_audio audio_id="855" audio_title="Managing Your Money - 11/13/13"}

{wbty_audio audio_id="856" audio_title="On-Air Chat - 11/13/13 - including interview with KS Board of Regents"}