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Audio - Wednesday - 01-18-17

{wbty_audio audio_id="20015" audio_title="Sherry Willard promotes the Beta Sigma Phi Red Dress Ball."}

{wbty_audio audio_id="20016" audio_title="Westar Energy spokesperson Gina Penzig discusses the LIEAP program."}

{wbty_audio audio_id="20017" audio_title="Managing Your Money - 01-18-17"}

{wbty_audio audio_id="20012" audio_title="Area Coaches Corner - Lebo - Matt Peek 1-18-17"}

{wbty_audio audio_id="20011" audio_title="Area Coaches Corner - Hartford - Ryan Thomas 1-18-17"}

Audio - Tuesday - 01-17-17

{wbty_audio audio_id="19993" audio_title="Josie Williams previews Big Brothers Big Sisters 'Bowl 4 Kids' Sake' Feb 4 and the registration deadline Jan. 19."}

{wbty_audio audio_id="19994" audio_title="Emporia Showcase with USD 253 Superintendent Kevin Case - 01-17-17"}

{wbty_audio audio_id="19995" audio_title="ESU Assistant Director for Media Relations Gwen Larson previews the Spring General Assembly at 2 pm."}

{wbty_audio audio_id="20009" audio_title="Area Coaches Corner - Emporia High - Carolyn Lee 1-17-17"}

{wbty_audio audio_id="20010" audio_title="Area Coaches Corner - Lyndon - Mike Beying 1-17-17"}

Audio - Monday - 01-16-17

{wbty_audio audio_id="19977" audio_title="Olpe Principal Shane Clark previews a special dedication ceremony for a new Flint Hills map and education project as well as Honor Flight fundraisers and facility improvements."}

{wbty_audio audio_id="19978" audio_title="Organizers of Emporia State University's Martin Luther King, Jr., celebration preview the event."}

{wbty_audio audio_id="19991" audio_title="Area Coaches Corner - Chase County - Ron Slaymaker 1-16-17"}

{wbty_audio audio_id="19992" audio_title="Area Coaches Corner - Osage City - Chris Kirkpatrick 1-16-17"}

{wbty_audio audio_id="19983" audio_title="Hornet Talk Coach Shaun Vandiver 1-16-17"}

{wbty_audio audio_id="19984" audio_title="Hornet Talk Terrence Sardin 1-16-17"}

{wbty_audio audio_id="19985" audio_title="Hornet Talk Coach Jory Collins 1-16-17"}

Audio - Friday 01-13-17

{wbty_audio audio_id="19975" audio_title="Salvation Army Capt. Lynn Lopez reflects on her nearly five years leading the Emporia agency and also on her upcoming move to Salina."}

{wbty_audio audio_id="19976" audio_title="What's In Outdoors with Phil Taunton - 01-13-16"}

{wbty_audio audio_id="19936" audio_title="Area Coaches Corner - Olpe - Chris Schmidt 1-13-17"}

{wbty_audio audio_id="19935" audio_title="Area Coaches Corner Northern Heights Jacob Lang 1-13-17"}

Audio - Thursday - 01-12-17

{wbty_audio audio_id="19925" audio_title="Nik Roth promotes the Quail Forever banquet and auction on Saturday."}

{wbty_audio audio_id="19926" audio_title="ESU Buzz with President Alison Garrett - 01-12-17"}

{wbty_audio audio_id="19938" audio_title="Area Coaches Corner - Waverly - Mike Hevel 1-12-17"}

{wbty_audio audio_id="19937" audio_title="Area Coaches Corner - Madison - Brett Dannels 1-12-17"}


Audio - Wednesday - 01-11-17

{wbty_audio audio_id="19897" audio_title="Carmen Leeds previews the Camp Alexander annual meeting and discusses facility goals for 2017."}

{wbty_audio audio_id="19898" audio_title="Emporia State Health Promotion Professor Dr.Jennifer Thomas is in studio talking about boosting metabolism and fitness motivation."}

{wbty_audio audio_id="19899" audio_title="Managing Your Money - 01-11-17"}

{wbty_audio audio_id="19914" audio_title="Area Coaches Corner - Lebo - Matt Wolff 1-11-17"}

{wbty_audio audio_id="19913" audio_title="Area Coaches Corner - Hartford - Patrict Gardner 1-11-17"}