Badges United raises nearly $1,000

The Salvation Army's kettle campaign is about $1,000 closer to goal, thanks to a two-hour bell-ringing shift from local authorities Saturday.

Lyon County deputies, Emporia Police and Emporia firefighters participated in Badges United. Salvation Army Lt. Lynn Lopez thanked the agencies for their work.

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Emporia firefighters had the most at their kettle with $350 donated. Assistant Chief Brandon Beck says the drive was put together quickly -- and, obviously, successfully.

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Deputies were second at $225.05, but Sheriff Jeff Cope wasn't thinking about the agency-by-agency dollar count.

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Police officers raised $151.33. Police Chief Scott Cronk made the calls to the other two agencies, and he says both responded quickly.

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The subtotal at Price Chopper and Walmart was just over $725, but all three departments decided to cover wages for three kettles' worth of ringers, boosting the total to $945.

Lopez has recently said the kettle campaign was at $16,000, adjusting that down to $15,000 during the event Saturday. Goal is $42,000 by Christmas Eve.

This is the second significant donation event involving all three agencies over the past few weeks. The roughly month-long Battle of the Badges toy drive helping TFI foster children ended Dec. 7.

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