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Relief efforts continue for mid-December fire victims

Relief efforts continue after a week-long stretch of devastating house fires earlier this month.

A lot of attention has been paid to the Dec. 12 fire at 1010 West because Mr. Sisters Sweets co-owner Rhiannon Torres lost everything at that location. Main Street Director Casey Woods says the Torres family is grateful for the donations they have received.


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The Torres family has enough clothing, but Woods suggested kitchen items, furniture, gift cards and cash donations as options if you want to help.

Relief efforts have not been divulged for the house's other residents, Cyrus Hall and Aaron West.

Relief efforts continue for Jeffrey Sieminski, who had his mobile home at Green Acres destroyed by fire Dec. 13. An update is pending.

Also, a house was destroyed at 332 Sylvan on Dec. 9, with a chicken coop damaged that morning. Fire also destroyed a home at 2572 Road "P" at the same time as the fire at 1010 West.

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