Emporia teacher wins $10,000 playing lottery on Christmas Eve

At least one Emporia family is a little bit richer after this Christmas. Laurie Kurzen didn't realize that she had won $10,000 from a $2 Triple Bingo ticket during a family get-together.


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Kurzen's husband Chad bought the tickets at the Finish Line at 6th and State. Kurzen initially thought she had won the $200 bingo prize, but Chad reviewed it and they realized they had won the big $10,000 prize.

Kurzen and her sisters got in their vehicle and drove to the gas station to confirm their winnings. She says her kids had different reactions.

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Kurzen is a teacher at Timmerman Elementary. She says her family's had the lottery ticket tradition for 10 years, and will definitely be continuing it. Some of that money will be saved, but Kurzen says a little motorcycle for their 6-year old son is "being looked in to."


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