Reading residents still dealing with community-wide emotional scars from 2011 tornado

Tornadoes leave physical scars wherever they hit. They also leave emotional scars for people and communities who have to sift through the rubble, and Reading residents met Saturday to determine how best to leave those behind.


Resident Tony Wilkerson called the meeting a chance to "turn a corner" in the town's recovery from the May 2011 tornado.

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Residents spent half the meeting listing accomplishments, including the cooperation of several private and government agencies to help the town through the immediate recovery phase. They spent the second half looking at losses which haven't returned, including trees, the post office, a sense of security and to some degree trust among town residents following the distribution of some individual recovery funds.

Mayor Kevin Sorensen tells KVOE News that perception arises whenever there is a disaster. However...

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While the healing continues, the town is also looking for input on what kinds of housing to add and what businesses should move in.

Reading Community Development, the organization now spearheading the town's recovery, will meet again in three weeks to continue the visioning process for how Reading should grow and develop.

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