Wintry mix over; next winter storm poised to hit area by Tuesday

With a wintry mix of precipitation now out of our hair, attention is turning to another winter storm set to affect us early next week.

National Weather Service meteorologist John Woynick says confidence is increasing in a significant snowfall impacting eastern Kansas by early Tuesday.


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Snowfall may not end until early Wednesday.

Things could easily change but the early projections, according to Woynick, have much of Lyon County receiving up to six inches of snow.

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Should the current forecast hold, this would be the heaviest snow Emporia has received this season. The city received up to three inches of snow Dec. 21-22.

This comes after up to an inch of a wintry mix involving snow, freezing drizzle and sleet hit the area late Friday night into early Saturday. Arterials have been treated, but collector streets and residential streets in Emporia are still extremely slick.

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KVOE News reporter Kyle Thompson contributed to this report.

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