Residents, bakery owners enjoy 'Cupcake Wars' watch party

If landing a spot on the television show Cupcake Wars isn't impressive enough, the fact that more than 300 people turned out for the watch party makes it impressive.

It's a stat that shows the love for Melissa Herring and Rhiannon Torres of Mr. Sisters Sweets.

After attempting to get on the show once before, Herring was ecstatic when she got the call for this season.

"I was walking out in the parking lot trying not to scream," she said.

One stipulation of appearing on the show is that it's kept a secret. Easier said than done in a small town, says Torres.

"It was hard trying to put stuff together in a small town with people trying to piece things together," Torres said.

All the proof that they deserved a spot on the show could be seen in the spread at the watch party. Of the 800 cupcakes they prepared for the evening, only a handful remained, which the ladies sent home with the support crew of White Auditorium.

Things didn't go so well on the show. Mr. Sisters Sweets was the first team eliminated.

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