Beef recall expands dramatically, includes handful of area stores

Nearly nine million pounds of meat produced by a California company is being recalled.


Beef produced by Rancho Feeding Corporation, based in Petaluma, Calif., is being pulled because the company processed diseased and "unsound" animals without full inspection, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The Los Angeles Times has reported the company processed meat from cows with cancer. There have been no reports of human illnesses to date.

The recall first went into effect Feb. 8, involving about 42,000 pounds, but has obviously expanded dramatically since then. It now impacts several store chains doing business in the area, with the USDA list including Hoover Stores of Burlington, Aunt Dee's in Osage City and Murphy Oil Food Mart in Olpe. Country Mart and Price Chopper are listed at the state level. However, officials for the two Country Marts and the Price Chopper in Emporia said the local stores had not received any of the meat in question. G&W Foods is listed at the state level but not in Eureka.

Rancho Feeding Corporation has not commented on the recall.

Click here for a list of products affected.

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