ESU Buzz focuses on reverse transfers, prospect of restored funding

Kansas Board of Regents President and CEO Dr. Andy Tompkins visited the Emporia State University campus this week, and the visit was highlighted on KVOE's ESU Buzz with President Dr. Michael Shonrock on Thursday.


One of the big focal points was "reverse transfers," a major change in approach to make it easier for students to graduate. Dr. Tompkins says it's exciting to see this universally accepted.

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Reverse transfers let community college students who transfer to four-year schools before obtaining their degrees use their four-year classes to count towards their community college time -- and possibly line up enough credits to graduate from their first college. This policy is a significant part of the Regents' Foresight 2020 strategic plan, which wants at least 60 percent of college students either attaining degrees or certifications by that year.

Meanwhile, the Board of Regents and universities across the state are pushing to have money reinstated after cuts last year. Shonrock says it's vital to see nearly $3 million in cuts restored as soon as possible.

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Speaking of Emporia State, the university has made minor changes to its "wordmark" with a small visual change to the type face used. There are no changes to Corky, the university's mascot, and the "Power E" in place since the late 1990s will be a "spirit mark" for ESU athletics.

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