House education plan passes easily

Early Friday, the Kansas Senate approved a nearly $130 million spending bill for public education. The Kansas House didn't have a long night, passing a roughly $140 million bill with uncharacteristically wide bipartisan support Friday evening.


There are several key differences in the two bills. The House bill adds about $30 million more for addressing issues with local option budget gaps and capital outlay differences, areas the Kansas Supreme Court told lawmakers to fix earlier this session. It also doesn't add several policy revisions added by the Senate, like eliminating money for Common Core funding, removing teacher tenure and due process, and adding a property tax rebate for students not educated in public schools.

Both Gov. Sam Brownback and House Minority Leader Paul Davis, likely opponents in the gubernatorial election this fall, urged their parties to support the bill.

House and Senate members will now meet in conference to try to forge a new funding bill. We'll have updates this weekend on KVOE and KVOE.com.

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