Tech Talk focuses on power plant technology program, TRAC-7 grant

The success of the power plant technology program at Flint Hills Technical College was featured on the latest installment of Tech Talk with President Dr. Dean Hollenbeck on Tuesday.


TRAC-7 grant director Seth Carter says the $2.52 million grant has increased the number of internships available to different power producing businesses across Kansas. It has also led to equipment improvements and a revised curriculum. That has led to some lucrative salary figures for graduating students.

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The upshot? A major spike in enrollment -- from 21 to 75 students.

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Flint Hills Technical College is part of a seven-college consortium that received nearly $20 million total. The college received $2.52 million to retrain unemployed and underemployed workers in a field which is losing a sizable percentage of workers over the next 10 to 20 years.

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