USD 253 officials watching Pennsylvania stabbing situation

The investigation continues after a high school student in Pittsburgh, Penn., allegedly stabbed nearly 20 fellow students, some of whom are in serious medical condition, and at least one security guard early Wednesday.

The 16-year old student reportedly pulled out two knives in a crowded hallway and began slashing and stabbing. He was later subdued by an associate principal and school resource officer.

School district officials across the country are taking a closer look at their security measures and the plans they have in place to defuse these kinds of situations before they hit a flashpoint. Emporia Superintendent Theresa Davidson says a lockdown would be the first step in the case of a serious weapons-related incident like the one in Pittsburgh.

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Evacuation is an option, but Davidson says that would be a last resort.

The topic of school violence was discussed just last week at the Lyon County Sheriff's Office Spring Training Session. Jim Pauly, a police sergeant from Omaha, Neb., was a featured presenter because of his experience in setting up training procedures for school districts in Nebraska. He says there are three general things that pop up consistently whenever there is a school violence episode family instability, spiritual emptiness and what Pauly calls a toxic society.

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Davidson says the district takes threats seriously and investigates regardless whether statements are said in jest or not. It may sound like an extreme approach, but Davidson says it's the right way to proceed because students don't learn well in an unsafe environment.

Local media in Pennsylvania is reporting that the 16-year old student will be charged as an adult.

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