USD 251 discusses local option budget direction

Discussions continue at the school district level on education funding after lawmakers passed a $130 million bill earlier this month, and those discussions may be sharpening their focus after Gov. Sam Brownback said he would sign the bill during an appearance at Emporia State University on Monday.


The first area district to discuss the impact of the legislation after the governor's announcement was USD 251 North Lyon County on Monday night. Superintendent Aron Dody says says USD 251 should profit "a little" from the changes.

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Dody says the bill demands the state fund its equity piece, meaning more money in state aid. However, Dody says capped districts can't get the authority to capture some general fund money -- and that means some districts will lose money overall.

Dody also said the state has to generate new monies so it doesn't "rob Peter to pay Paul" after deciding to add tax credits for parents not putting their kids through public education.

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