Tax Day sees slower last-minute traffic at Emporia Post Office

The Emporia Post Office saw fewer than usual last-minute tax filers head to the facility and stream in behind it to use the dropbox Tuesday.


Julie Schott was standing in line inside the Post Office around 4pm. She says she felt like she procrastinated on filing taxes... even though she got them done in March. Schott says online filing is probably a big reason why the lines at the post office are much lighter.

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Postal Service spokesman Brian Sperry, a guest on KVOE's Morning Show Tuesday, says the Postal Service, long in the headlines for financial woes, is moving towards stability -- but he says several major changes are needed to bring the department back to full financial health.

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Sperry says the Postal Service has already trimmed over $16 billion in annual costs through a variety of means.

Sperry says residents can call 800-ASK-USPS any time they have mailing questions or go online to www.usps.com.

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