Westar crews respond after recent issues with light, power poles

Over the past month, Westar Energy has had to replace a light pole and power pole that rotted at their respective bases.


Westar spokesperson Gina Penzig says the safety and reliability of lights and power poles are important to the company, so crews check nearby poles when they have to work in the field. 

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That project is coming to Emporia. A time frame has not been released.

Penzig says Westar does not have a set schedule for replacing light poles or power poles. A lot has to do with how well they handle the weather. Some poles can stay upright for several years, but others may need replacing in a year or two.

On Saturday, a light pole fell across the northbound lanes on Industrial between U.S. Highway 50 and 12th Avenue. A month ago to the day, a power pole teetered before it was held in place at 12th and Commercial. In both cases, moderate to high winds made both poles unstable.

No injuries were reported, although traffic was shifted around both poles.

Westar is responsible for virtually all power and light poles in Emporia. The city is responsible for replacing traffic signals and the downtown ornamental lights.

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