From random finds to health matters to family connections, GBO contestants recall how they started in disc golf

From across Kansas, from across the country and even from some different parts of the world, Emporia has been the hub of the disc golf universe this weekend.

Well over 500 disc golfers registered for the 12th annual Glass Blown Open which started Friday. One of the competitors, Gary Mustard of Sterling, Colo., tells KVOE News he got started in the sport in 2007 at Peter Pan Park. His start was about as accidental as you can get.

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Mustard, who was participating alongside fellow professionals, rather seasoned amateurs and brand-new beginners in a ring of fire event during the Glass Blown Open block party Saturday evening, says he enjoys both the competition and the chance to rub shoulders with fans. He is also enjoying his first GBO experience, and he's trying to develop the sport in Colorado.

Meanwhile, Mound Valley resident Bryan Tiecke says health matters prompted him to take up disc golf.

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Tiecke enjoyed the sport enough to pass it along to his son, 12-year-old Hunter, who is now moving up in his class. Hunter says it took a while to get used to everything, but now he's doing well at disc golf.

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Disc golfers have been busy off the course, participating in an online webinar Friday and the block party Saturday. Final round action is Sunday, with the championship flight spinning off at the Emporia Country Club at 2 pm.

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