Lyon County Commission hears budget request from Kansas Legal Services

Lyon County commissioners have asked allocation agencies receiving county dollars to submit their budget requests for 2015 earlier than normal, and that process is underway.


Kansas Legal Services Director Ty Wheeler on Thursday presented a $10,000 request for county funds, up from the $7,500 it received last year, to offset federal and state cuts. Commissioner Scott Briggs says it's a reasonable request.

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Briggs says commissioners are hoping to finish the budget process earlier than they have in years past. He says the partial addition of the Westar peak energy plant near Reading to the tax rolls last year helped the county lower its levy by about seven mils, and commissioners are hoping a similar addition this year will lead to another reduction.

Briggs says Lyon County is debt-free and is one of just a handful of counties able to say that. However, counties across Kansas worry about changes to the mortgage registration fee and funding cuts which could lead to budget changes later.

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