Shonrock: ESU to bolster -- not drop -- athletic training

The athletic training program at Emporia State will remain in place.

In fact, ESU President Dr. Michael Shonrock says the university will also add a full-time tenure-track professor to assist department head Matt Howe and could add more resources to make sure the program thrives.


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Howe is relieved, but he also understands there is work ahead to make sure the program grows.

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Enrollment concerns have been discussed the past few years. The Kansas Board of Regents says the program should have at least 10 graduates per year. The current five-year average is 4.8, and the last two years have seen a total of six graduates.

The addition of a tenure-track professor, meanwhile, is needed to meet guidelines from the Committee on Accreditation of Athletic Training Education.

The future of athletic training came into sharp focus in mid-April after Teachers College Dean Dr. Ken Weaver made a recommendation to discontinue last month, citing the graduation numbers while saying several other programs are meeting Board of Regents graduation requirements and are also short of professors. Shonrock says those will be studied on a case-by-case basis, and he says an assertion from Howe the program needs perhaps double its current space will also be reviewed.

Howe, meanwhile, was told he would receive a tenure promotion as well. Howe's promotion had been tied to the future of the program, and the Faculty Senate this week recommended uncoupling the two situations so Howe could receive tenure.

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