EPD distracted driving crackdown results: 38 stops, 35 citations

Out of 38 traffic stops for suspected distracted driving as part of a week-long special enforcement effort last month, Emporia Police wrote up 35 citations.


That's over 90 percent -- 92 percent, to be exact -- but it also shows how prevalent distracted driving is in Emporia, especially when cell phones are involved. Police Sgt. Lisa Sage:

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Officers had a special enforcement venture from April 18-25, participating in a national and state initiative to crack down on distracted driving.

Texting while driving is now a major problem just by itself, but it's one of several behaviors listed under distracted driving -- including using the cell phone in general. EPD says over 70 percent of young people admit to having sent a text while driving, and it says thousands of people die each year because of distracted-driving accidents.

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