Hail causes damage near Emporia; tornado damage confirmed in south Greenwood County

Powerful thunderstorms have thrown damaging hail and spun up at least one confirmed tornado across parts of the KVOE listening area.

Hail as big as eggs fell near Emporia and Americus -- and tennis ball-sized hail was reported near Saffordville. Quarter- to golf ball-sized hail also fell in east Chase and west Lyon County.

Hail reports from across KVOE territory:

Emporia area: 1- to 2.5-inch hail
Admire area: 0.75- to 1.5-inch hail
Americus: 1.75- to 2-inch hail
Bazaar: 0.50-inch hail
Burlingame area: 0.88- to 1.5-inch hail
Eureka area: 1.75-inch hail
Hamilton: 1-inch hail
Harveyville: 0.75-inch hail
Latham area: 1-inch hail
Osage City area: 1- to 1.5-inch hail
Piedmont: 1-inch hail
Severy: 1.5- to 1.75-inch hail

South Greenwood County has recorded the area's first tornado of the year. A rope tornado touched down at least once briefly near Severy, according to Greenwood County Emergency Management Coordinator Levi Vinson.

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A second potential touchdown is under investigation.

Damage reports from the hail are spotty. Brad Davis says his farmstead about nine miles southwest of Emporia suffered a fair amount of damage from hail the size of ping pong balls and eggs. Mirrors on vehicles were smashed, windowsills were destroyed and his bean fields suffered at least some damage.

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Meanwhile, Bruce Urschel emailed KVOE News with a photo of damaged siding near Thorndale.

A warm front will provide a second chance for strong to storms from mid-evening Saturday to early Sunday morning.

A third round of storms possible Sunday. Initially, the thought was storms would roll across the KVOE listening area by late Sunday afternoon, but now it appears storms may not reach Lyon or surrounding counties until after sunset.

Sunday could see an all-hazards risk, but hail to the size of baseballs and heavy rain are currently the main concerns.

With the risk of severe weather on this holiday weekend, make sure you're updated on KVOE and KVOE.com. Get instant weather alerts through our Twitter and Facebook pages if you haven't already signed up.

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