Strong storms push through Lyon, Morris counties overnight

Thunderstorms brought much-needed rainfall to parts of the KVOE listening area early Monday.

Storms dumped 1.3 inches of rain at the KVOE studios. A severe thunderstorm warning was also issued briefly for Lyon and Morris counties but no severe weather was noted. Totals:

Emporia: 1.1 to 1.5 inches of rain
Emporia Municipal Airport area: 1.14 inches
Allen: 1.1 inches
Between Olpe and Hartford: 0.02 inches
Cottonwood Falls: 2.2 inches
Lyon-Chase county line: 1.75 inches
Neosho Rapids: 0.70 inches
Reading area: 1.5 inches
Saffordville area: 1.85 inches

The early-morning activity Monday followed a lengthy round of severe weather Saturday afternoon into very early Mother's Day. Hail as big as eggs fell near Emporia and Americus. Tennis ball-sized hail was reported near Saffordville. Quarter- to golf ball-sized hail also fell across portions of Lyon, Chase, Greenwood and Osage counties.

Greenwood County also noted the area's first tornado of the year: a rope tornado that touched down briefly near Severy.

The heavy rain Saturday was to our south. Greenwood County picked up estimated totals of 1.5 to 3.5 inches of rain, with the heaviest rain from Eureka to Hamilton. Emporia received 0.25 inches of rain Saturday and early Sunday. Weekend totals:

Emporia: 1.4 to 1.8 inches of rain
Between Olpe and Hartford: 0.55 inches
Reading area: 1.8 inches

This week will likely be calmer and cooler, with several chances of showers by midweek and high temperatures struggling to reach 70 degrees until the weekend. 

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KVOE News Director Chuck Samples contributed to this report.

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