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Weekend hail prompts calls to insurance agents, roofing companies

Despite a relatively wide swath of large hail over the weekend, area residents haven't swamped their insurance agents with claims calls yet.

State Farm agent Pete Euler says calls have ranged from auto to potential roof damage. He suggests that you conduct a visual inspection if you believe you've had hail damage. He also says you should pack your patience if you're planning to file a claim.

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Unlike other agencies in town, Bluestem Insurance deals with several companies. Jo Bailey of Bluestem says her customers need to call ahead if they are planning to file a claim.

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Insurance agents aren't the only ones fielding calls. Mitch Moore of Flint Hills Roofing says his group looked at several roofs in the Americus area Monday.

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Bill Hendricks of the Insurance Planning Center echoes the "double-check your property" song.

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Large hail fell across a wide swath of the KVOE listening area Saturday. Quarter-sized hail fell across parts of Lyon, Chase, Greenwood and Osage counties, with egg-sized hail from near Emporia to Americus and tennis ball-sized hail near Saffordville.

KVOE News reporter AJ Dome contributed to this report.

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