Injury accident between Emporia and Neosho Rapids no longer considered as hit-and-run

An investigation is ongoing into an accident between Emporia and Neosho Rapids on Saturday morning.


Authorities were called to Interstate 35 milepost 138, about five miles east of Emporia's eastern city limits around 8 am and again about 15 minutes later. Lyon County Deputy Jacob Welsh says the first call wasn't for medical help.

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Initially, no injuries were reported but they were later. The driver, 55-year-old Antonio Resendes of Beachwood, N.J., was taken to Newman Regional Health with what are believed to be minor injuries. The hospital does not release patient conditions to the media.

The investigation led to a second car being involved. Welsh says OnStar was used to track the second car to a location in north central Emporia. The driver, 72-year-old Herschel Roach of Lenexa, drove to Emporia and met with authorities here.

At first glance, authorities said the wreck looked like a hit-and-run. With Roach driving to town to meet with deputies, they are no longer calling the crash a hit-and-run incident. No citations were issued.

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