Sherow touts experience in stop with Lyon County Democrats

U.S. Congressional candidate Jim Sherow is becoming a familiar face in Lyon County.

Sherow appeared at the Lyon County Democrats' monthly meeting Saturday for the second time in four months. Sherow says politicians have lost sight of the fact there can be compromise.

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If elected to represent the First District, Sherow says he hopes to focus on agricultural and economic issues. Sherow chided incumbent Republican Tim Huelskamp for being removed from the Agriculture and Budget committees, saying the Big First needs representation on those committees to meet the district's ongoing needs. He also says taxation and water issues will be top priorities.

Sherow is a Kansas State professor and has worked as the state historian, and he says a victory in the Nov. 4 general election would indeed be historic. It's been almost 60 years, he says, since a Democrat held the seat.

Neither Sherow nor Huelskamp are assured of facing off against each other after the August primary. Sherow faces Bryan Whitney in the primary, while Huelskamp faces Alan LaPolice.

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