Price Chopper lot busy for third local rendition of Alex's Lemonade Stand

The Price Chopper parking lot was busy Saturday, and not just with people buying groceries.

Area residents helped to raise money for childhood cancer research through the Alex's Lemonade Stand charity. Alex Muckenthaler -- no relation to the little girl who started the charity 10 years ago -- has raised over $7,000 with two previous lemonade stands after battling two forms of cancer. Muckenthaler's dad, Joe, says the community donated in force. He also says his son's fight against cancer has brought his family closer together.

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The Alex's Lemonade Stand effort became a national charity 10 years ago, and cities and towns across the country had similar events Saturday.

Muckenthaler came down with Burkitt's lymphoma three years ago. He successfully fought that off but came down with another form of cancer about a year ago and received a bone marrow transplant from his brother just before Christmas. He has been symptom-free since then.

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