Severe weather threat avoided for second straight day

For the second straight day, a risk of severe weather has failed to materialize.

There was no severe weather across the KVOE listening area and only minimal thunderstorm activity in portions of Osage and Wabaunsee counties.

Strong thunderstorms stayed well to our south Saturday, with light to moderate rain falling across the KVOE listening area. The KVOE studios received 0.35 inches of rain, while the Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve reported 0.50 inches.

Additional strong storms are possible Monday, and again large hail, high winds and heavy rain are the main forecast concerns. Like Sunday, there will be abundant moisture in place to fuel storms should they trigger. Heat indices, the combination of air temperature and relative humidity, were close to 100 degrees across eastern Kansas for much of Sunday and are expected to be uncomfortable again Monday. However, there should once again be a capping inversion layer several thousand feet above ground level. The air temperatures either stay constant or rise a few degrees, making it difficult for updrafts to get rooted in the full atmosphere and thus provide energy for widespread severe weather.

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