CVB director pleased with idea of scenic outlook on Kansas Turnpike

Discussions are underway to bring a scenic outlook to the Kansas Turnpike near Emporia.


The discussion is very early in the process -- so early that Turnpike Authority spokesperson Rachel Bell says nothing has been presented yet to the KTA board and won't be for at least a month -- but the prospect of a scenic outlook and the chance of getting more travelers to stop in the Emporia area is attractive to Convention and Visitors Bureau Director Susan Rathke.

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Bell says the first thought is to have the scenic outlook at the Turnpike cattle pen exit about 15 miles southwest of Emporia. That exit makes sense to the Turnpike Authority because of the view and because several improvements are already needed to improve truck traffic in that area. Rathke agrees the cattle pens would be an ideal place for an outlook.

Costs haven't been determined and a potential layout for the outlook is under discussion. Should current plans hold, construction could begin by spring 2015.

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