Crime Stoppers making tip process easier, more anonymous

If you plan to call information to Lyon County Crime Stoppers, the service is making changes that should make it easier to track tips and payouts.


The system will change from a recorded voice mail to a call center staffed 24-7 with operators who speak both English and Spanish.

Co-coordinator Jacob Welsh says this protects caller identity with the operators giving callers tipster ID numbers and also with the payout process.

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Tipsters, meanwhile, can check the status of their tip and potential payout as well.

Crime Stoppers is accepting tips on numerous cases just over the past few months, including but not limited to:

*Auto vandalisms across the west half of Emporia on Monday and Tuesday.
*Electronics theft in the 1900 block of Road 170 in late June.
*Mobile home fire at 53 Cherokee Lane on June 13.
*Truck thefts in Reading on June 11.
*Pickup tailgate theft at 1779 "G" in late May.
*Equipment, generator and tool theft in Neosho Rapids sometime between December and May.
*Hay barn arsons near Reading in April.

The Crime Stoppers number will remain the same at 342-2273.

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