Late adjustment brings cool prize to Kool Ice winner

It took a little longer this year to melt a gallon-sized block of ice and thus find out the winner of the 2014 KVOE-Kari's Diamonds and Bridal Kool Ice contest, but the winner's reaction was still joyous.

This year, with highs approaching 90 degrees, it took four hours, seven minutes and 43 seconds to determine Vicky Kvaal of Emporia as the winner.

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Kvaal guessed four hours, six minutes, and said she originally guessed four hours flat but "had to put some minutes on there."

Kari's owner Kari Stookey says it's important to pick a new piece of jewelry with each contest. She also says it was great to hear Kval's reaction.

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Kvaal takes home a 10-karat red diamond infinity necklace set in rose gold.

Last year's event took three hours, 39 minutes and 12 seconds -- almost half the time it took for the 2012 winning time of six hours, 47 minutes.

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