Influx of female inmates noted at Lyon County Jail

The Lyon County Jail is seeing a rather significant shift in its demographics -- and, as a result, in how bed space is being allocated.


Undersheriff John Koelsch says the number of female inmates has climbed recently from 10 to between 25 and 30 on a consistent basis. That may not sound like much, but rules say men and women can't be in the same pod.

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Koelsch says part of the influx is due to drug cases, but other factors also include a high work release population and automatic jail requirements due to probation changes and drug court mandates.

The current capacity is 168 inmates, and Koelsch says the current population has been around 140 the past three to six months. A jail expansion has been under discussion for years and is inevitable.

The jail has made money for Lyon County with several counties transferring their inmates to the jail here, but the number of local inmates is squeezing any revenue opportunities locally. Koelsch says transferring county inmates elsewhere is expensive, so Lyon County would prefer to avoid that step if possible.

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