KBI: Welsh pointed gun, leading to shooting

A tampered building led authorities to find Kevin Welsh on the west side of Eureka on Wednesday night.

Welsh was shot dead after allegedly pointing a handgun at KBI agents near Eighth and Poplar, according to KBI Deputy Director Kyle Smith. He tells KVOE News a law enforcement officer had noticed the entrance to an unoccupied structure was altered from the last time it had been checked. Authorities obtained consent to conduct a search, finding Welsh inside.

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Smith says a lot of resources were poured into the manhunt since Welsh allegedly shot  54-year-old Keith Kriesel and 52-year-old Sheila Kriesel to death during a domestic violence incident Oct. 2.

Welsh is also suspected of shooting Sheila Kriesel's daughter, Catherine Scheff, who was also an ex-girlfriend of Welsh, during the incident. Welsh was recently put on the Kansas Most Wanted list on suspicion of two counts of first-degree murder and attempted first-degree murder.

Authorites have thought Welsh was either in or near Eureka for most of the past two weeks.

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An investigation continues. Greenwood County Attorney Joe Lee will appoint a special prosecutor to review the investigation.

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