Over 250 participate in Newman Regional Health "5K Run/Walk For Your Whole Life"


  Zombies, superheroes, and sea animals were participating in the 2nd Annual Newman Regional Health "5K Run/Walk For Your Whole Life" Sunday afternoon.  The event drew over 250 participants.


The event is a fundraiser for the Newman Regional Foundation, and foundation Executive Director Jodi Heerman says recent additions of the Breast Care Center and the cardiology program makes the work of the foundation even more important.

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     Heerman says the goal of the foundation is to support and build programs at the hospital.

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    Heerman says they see the run/walk as a way to raise money for the foundation, but also promote health and wellness with an activity for the entire family. 

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     Heerman says a grant, paying the registration for area youth, makes it even more affordable for families to participate together.

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    Runners and walkers were encouraged to come dressed in costume. Over 200 people pre-registered, with over 250 total participating.  Fundraising totals are pending.

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