Buzz: Now & Forever ending New Year's Eve

Most of Emporia State's campus buildings will be dark from Christmas to New Year's Eve -- with one exception.


The Sauder Alumni Center will be open next week to accept donations as the Now & Forever fundraising campaign officially comes to a close.


The campaign has surpassed all expectations since it officially began in February 2013. The original goal was $45 million for academic and athletic ventures, but the campaign went over $50 million earlier this year. On the ESU Buzz with President Allison Garrett, Foundation President and University Vice President for Advancement Shane Shivley said Now & Forever turned into what he called a philanthropic movement for ESU.


{wbty_audio audio_id="19659" audio_title="Shivley: The movement"} 


Garrett thanked donors, university staffers and the volunteers who have helped the campaign go beyond expectations.


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University administrators have publicly mentioned discussions about a new fundraising campaign but haven't mentioned details. A campaign celebration has been set for Feb. 18, according to Foundation Vice President for Stewardship and Administration and University Associate Vice President for Advancement Jennifer Denton.


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To donate online, go to For more information about the upcoming celebration event, go online to

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Last modified on Wednesday, 11 April 2018 09:29